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Reviewer: Scott G-Man laurence

That wasn't an Earthquake it was Phantom Blue, an L.A. Based band-on-the-rise...... Nothing - "Phantom " about their talent

Phantom Blue is very nearly too good for their own good.They're playing clubs now, but their sound is so enormous they really need an arena to fully realize their artistic vision. To some, the skyscraper-sized shockwave that comes off the bandstand is overwhelming in the extreme. While many listeners happily surrender to the onslaught, others flee in terror. Phantom Blue's sound is just TOO BIG for most venues. It's not simply a question of volume, although they are certainly cracking the 100-decibel level and well on their way to the threshold of pain. But it's what they do with the volume that defines this band. The two guitarists trade wicked lead lines or perform intricate unison runs that boggle the mind. One tweaks your cranium with upper registers while the other crunches your pelvis with mids and lows. Speaking of the bottom end, the bass work is elegant in design yet full of aggression and played at a furious pace. Lots of drummers in hard rock bands are happy to be hitting things, but this drummer is taking the principle to glorious extremes. You want to see someone happily acting out a ritual beating on every song, go see this band. Out front is a vocalist who is nearly operatic in power but with the stage sense to put the pedal to the metal in exactly the right places. And when two of the others join in, the three-part harmonic wails are the most pleasing aural overload a rock fan can find. In a perfect world, songs like "Turnaround," "My Turn," and "Speak in Silence" would be blasting out of radio speakers everywhere, but you'll have to buy their album to experience the rush. If you like turbulent, wrathful, tempestuous, blast-furnace excitement in your music, open your ears to Phantom Blue. Phantom Blue: Mary Jo Godges, bass/backing vocal; Josephine, guitar; Linda McDonald, drums; Lucienne Thomas, lead vocals; Tina Wood, guitar/backing vocal. Music reviews by Scott G-Man Laurence are distributed in North America by the Immedia Wire Service, Box 8275, Calabasas, CA 91302

Reviewer: Bob Younger

I know it's not very PC to say but, I love chick bands. I love the way they rock-out with all of their estrogen-tinged energy when they play and then I love the way they smell when they get off stage. I just dig it when chicks try hard and succeed at stuff in a field as male-oriented as rock'n'roll. I think that shows balls. This Hollywood -based band has five hot rock'n'roll chicks and though I've not seen them live yet I'm gonna one day goddammit. The CD starts out with "Anti-Love Crunch " where singer Gigi Hangach's growling Heart-style vocals tell us this band is not one to be trifled with. Mom would be proud. (DRZ Records)

Reviewer: fAZE 3

Phantom Blue ranks right up there with the likes of The Runaways, Rock Goddess & Girlschool as one of the best all-girl Metal bands ever to take on the world. They have released three dynamic albums and a four-song EP over the last few years, and CAUGHT LIVE! shows that they can kick ass with the best of 'em, male or female. Vocalist Gigi Hangach leads her bandmates through a set of the band's best material, including "Anti-Love Crunch, " "Little Man, " & "Strange War, " as well as covers of Thin Lizzy's "Bad reputation, " Janis Joplin's "Move Over " and Black Sabbath's "Fairies Wear Boots. " Guitarists Tina Wood & Josephine induce some fiery fretwork, especially on JoJo's solo "Satu Saju. " Bassist Dyna Shirasaki & Drummer Linda McDonald really bring out the thunderous backbeat. This album truly kicks solid ass! (DRZ Records)

Reviewer: Tim Wadzinski

(B-/C+) DRZ RECORDS, 1998. This 12-track opus is the first live release from L.A.'s all-girl heavy metal band. For a group that's always emphasized the fretwork, I find it odd the guitar playing is kinda low in the mix on the majority of these songs. Oh well. Everthing else, including Gigi Hangach's way powerful vocals is in top form though. CAUGHT LIVE! was recorded in the U.S. and Europe, and the material covers all three previous studio albums and then some. The new stuff: a cover of Janis Joplin's "Move Over, " two originals "Bleeding From Nowhere, " and "Violin Song, " a guitar solo by newcomer Josephine (yep, just Josephine), and a humorous "Bonus track " consisting of Hangach having fun with loudmouth audience members. "Move Over " and the other two covers here, Thin Lizzy's "Bad Reputation " and Black Sabbath's "Fairies Wear Boots, " are all pretty much played straight, and that guitar solo "Satu Saju, " has a tasty riff that should be made into a song in it's own right. Highlights include the too-short "Violin Song, " "Anti-Love Crunch, " and the rousing "Going Mad. " The ladies are set to extensively tour the U.S. this summer, so be sure to check 'em out.

Reviewer: Mylissa Graves
PHANTOM BLUE - "Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts"

Great cover, featuring a nice, juicy t-bone with a plate of two yummy glazed donuts! A quintet female heavy metal band (one of the last, if not it) hailing from Hollywood, CA. These ladies know how to ROCK! This is their 3rd studio CD. Their 2nd, "Built To Perform " (which I don't have a copy of) was produced by Max Norman for Geffen Records. I'm not sure of current label status, the CD didn't seem to have info. Black Sabbath's "Fairies Wear Boots " couldn't sound better from a bunch of femmes. "Bad Dreams, " is a powerful, gut-wrenching song about nightmares, something we can all identify with. "Hangin' On " is the ballad, or should I say power ballad? If you've ever had your heart stomped on, you can fully relate. "In The Likes Of You " is a total bitch song. May I ask, how many times have you wanted to state this: "I'd rather die than give in to you, I'd rather die than be with the fuckin' likes of you, I'd rather die than swap your spit, I'd rather die than put up with your shit. FUCK YOU. " get the picture? Write Phantom Blue, PMB#1674 8306 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills CA 90211.

Reviewer: Bryan McKenna
PHANTOM BLUE - "Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts"

Excellent hardass heavy metal at its finest. I wouldn't be surprised to see Michelle, Gigi, Karen, Rana and Linda become legends one day. The musicianship and vocals are certainly up there with the best of them in this male-dominated genre. This fourteen-song CD kicks ass and each member shines in her own right. "Strange Blue Mercy" is dark-sounding, cool metal. "Faries Wear Boots" contains some funky, chunky riffage. No matter how big or strong you are, you wouldn't want to cross a woman with the viewpoint outlined in "In The Likes Of You." Behold the skill-level in the instrumental, "Saturday Morning Brain Damage." Thrashy, fast-paced, frantic, nimble-fingered guitar work! Phantom Blue blows all the Seattle bands away. Talent-wise, they put most of the alternative bands currently signed to major labels to shame. Highly recommended. I urge everyone to contact Phantom Blue.

Reviewed in: Guitar - 2001
PHANTOM BLUE - "Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts"

Phantom Blue are back on the indie market (breaking up is always hard to do - weren't they with Geffen?) with (their) newest release "Prime Cuts..." The CD begins with some heavy riffage of "My Brain Hurts (A Lot)" which could easily bring to mind Ozzy with the squeal and riff guitars. Funny I should mention Ozzy cause' two songs later they do a cover of "Faries Wear Boots" which sounds kinda' cool with Gigi (Hangach) doin' the Janis Joplin-ish vibrato. As a vocalist, she really stands out in songs like "Bad Dreams" and the traditional ballad "Hangin' On". The songs are for the most part classic heavy metal style with Anthem riffing and power chords, and some trade off lead work from guitarists Karen Kreutzer and GIT graduate Josephine. The more standout tracks on the CD are "Strange War" with Linda McDonald (Drums) and Samantha Jones (Bass) taking a rhythmically different route, the Funkish "In The Likes Of You", and "Caught On Fire" - with the strong chorus melody, juxtaposed clean and distorted guitars in the verse and a classical lead break. OK - now get this' - You can't purchase the CD, BUT! if you purchase the new Phantom Blue Comic Book, you get the CD FREE! (sounds like a legal dispute to me)...


Reviewer: Geoff Wilbur
PHANTOM BLUE - "Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts"

This third CD from the explosive, all-female, very heavy, melodic hard rock group Phantom Blue continues the band's tradition of turning out high quality, heavy rock. Self-released in combination with a comic book, if you have trouble finding this CD in stores, contact the above address. You'll discover that no melody is sacrificed for the ample crunch on this disc.

Reviewer: Julie Michaels

When the topic of female musicians is discussed one name is sure to always pass someone's lips - Phantom Blue. They're the embodiment of artistic power and strength in the musical realm. They have long since proved they're a band to be reckoned with and one that will be around for many many years.

Phantom Blue formed in Redondo Beach, California in 1987 and in only three months they achieved recognition in the form of a recording deal with Shrapnel Records, an unheard of achievement in such a short period of time. Their self titled debut album was co-produced by well known musician, Marty Friedman, of Megadeth and was recorded in six months. The release sparked much interest for the band and in 1989 they found themselves embarking on their first European tour. The tour lasted seven weeks and spanned ten countries including France, Norway and Holland.

Flourishing reviews and rocketing record sales led to a US return where the band played numerous dates. A showcase at the infamous Roxy in LA was the talk of the town. The turnout was very impressive and housed an abundant number of record company A&R men who were eager to see and hear this all female band. After a vast number of offers, two labels, Disney's Hollywood Records and David Geffen's Geffen Records, were carefully considered. In 1990, Geffen was the label decided upon and they were signed by Tom Zutaut (known for signing Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, among others). After several up and downs and a change in the lineup, a second album entitled "Built To Perform" was released in 1994. This album was produced by Max Norman whose credits include Ozzy and Megadeth. Two hit singles, "Time To Run" and "My Misery", led to a second European tour of standing room only audiences. They left a lasting impression wherever they went.

With the sale of Geffen Records to MCA in 1995, Phantom Blue decided to leave the label, but still pushed forward. The band played shows in the US endlessly to keep the adrenaline intact, redefining their image and sound. All was prepared for a major US tour in the summer of 1995. Excited to finally perform in all fifty states, compared with a handful they had previously played, an unfortunate accident brought their plans to a screeching halt. Guitarist, Karen Kreutzer, suffering from a broken leg in four places due to a jet skiing accident underwent three surgeries, but they pushed onward again. A biographical comic book accompanied by a brand new release entitled "Prime Cuts and Glazed Donuts" was released quite promptly.

With Karen still recovering, they were busy planning their third European tour, "Knock Out All Bums", European Redemption Tour, in April 1996. Prior to the tour, only days in fact, Gigi Hangach (vocals) went on a date with Kato Kaelin. She won Playgirl's magazine "Win a date with Kato Kaelin" contest which was covered heavily by all media. On August 3, 1996 Phantom Blue attended the first annual Rock City News Music Awards at the Roxy in LA and won Best All Female Band award. An award that was well deserved, Gigi continued to be swamped with TV and film offers due to her winning the Playgirl contest. She respectfully declined saying "I am not an actress nor have I ever wanted to be".

On October 8, 1996 Phantom Blue were on hand for the 6th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards at the Roxy Theater. They graciously accepted two awards before the night's end including Best Video and Best Album Cover Art and Design ("Prime Cuts and Glazed Donuts"). After thanking their fans and industry folks, they processed to celebrate by producing a six pack of Budweiser from the podium for a quick toast then presented Lita Ford with a Life Time Achievement Award. Surely it was a memorable event for the ladies.

A live CD entitled "Caught", a second comic book Phantom Blue 2 "Captured Live" and a new videotape chock full of interviews and live concert footage will soon be made available to all fans. You can buy these through their fan club (see address) and some past merchandise is also available. Or should you just want to write the band, they welcome your letters as well.

Reviewer: Metal Maidens
PHANTOM BLUE - "Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts"

People will be very surprised by this strong, new album of Phantom Blue. Forget the gossip and convince yourself that the ladies are back with a vengeance. The new album is a true killer, containing fourteen heavy metal classics. We didn't doubt for a moment that the band wouldn't make a comeback like this and all you need to make a strong CD is there. "My Brain Hurts A Lot: is a great opener, with a heavy riff. An opener to be proud of, one that points you right at the edge of your chair. "Faries Wear Boots", the old Black Sabbath classic, is the cover on this CD. "Hangin' On" is a wonderful slow ballad, which is followed by the fast and furious "Say A Little Prayer". You just can't sit still on this one. And for the people who missed their latest single, they've even added "Mutha" on it. You'll see, the CD is so complete, you won't miss a thing. In Fact, the band didn't even hesitate to record their first ever instrumental track, called "Saturday Morning Brain Damage". If you liked "Built To Perform", you'd better get yourself a copy of "Prime Cuts and Glazed Donuts", cause you won't regret it. The girls didn't change their musical style a bit and sticked to their guns. A that's what I admire so much about them. They even became stronger. Listen to songs like "Strike Me Down" and "Saturday Morning Brain Damage" and you will know what I mean. This won't be the last words spent on the band either, especially with their upcoming European tour on the way. Be there and buy the CD. It's the only good advice I can give you!! The CD is available worldwide through Phantom Prods Merchandising Company and comes with the special edition comic book, featuring the color cover art work of drummer Linda. (TvP)

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