Born in Great Falls, Montana, Linda is half Irish, half Japanese. She started banging on her mother's Tupperware with chopsticks at the age of 4, then took up piano, guitar, violin and drums as she grew and entered her teens. A self taught drummer and co-founder of PHANTOM BLUE, Linda is one of the major factors in PHANTOM BLUE'S style and sound. To further develop her playing, Linda attended the Dick Grove school of music, taking various courses in drumming and ear training; and is also a graduate of P.I.T. Her influences vary from Simon Phillips to Clive Burr and John Bonham. Linda won " Best Drummer/ Performance of Drums and Percussion " at the 7th Annual LA Music Awards in December 1997 and at the 1998 3rd and 2001 6th Annual Rock City News Awards Show." We as a group, PHANTOM BLUE are just as hard hitting and aggressive as any guy band out there, we just don't have dicks!!!"

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